Developing innovative healthcare products to promote patient safety

These are challenging times in healthcare

The ever increasing needs of an ageing and growing population pose significant challenges for healthcare providers. With tightening budgets and reduced staffing, greater efficiency is essential to maintain services and meet increasingly tough targets with heavy financial penalties for failure.

The solution lies in innovation

Mantra Medical Limited is developing a range of unique products which address current problems quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We are committed to revolutionising crucial areas of healthcare and are now looking for partners who share our vision.


We are now seeking partnership to develop our existing prototypes and concepts into definitive prototypes that are ready for market.

Developing products for the medical market is a long journey, but the potential rewards are substantial. Although Mantra Medical is still pre-market we strongly believe that our product portfolio, medical and commercial experience, partnerships and commitment to quality mean that with the right partner we are all set for success.

So what's the problem?