The foundation for Mantra Medical was the following simple question…

What is spreading infections in hospitals, everyday, that no one is doing anything about?

The founder of Mantra Medical Limited, Dr Paul Hercock, spent 14 years as a medical Doctor and identified where existing containment measures were failing to adequately control infection spread. This is causing unnecessary patient suffering and vast expense to healthcare providers and societies on a global scale.

It is time for a new look.

Mantra Medical focuses on designing infection control devices that operate within existing staff workflow patterns, and do not burden them with any extra work.

The problem Contaminated pulse oximeter probes

The pulse oximeter is one of the commonest pieces of medical equipment in the world and measures a patient's pulse rate and oxygen saturations by a probe that clips to a patient's finger.

This probe will contact large numbers of patients every day, and yet they are hardly ever cleaned. Contaminated fingers are a serious clinical risk due to the spread of oral-to-oral infections such as norovirus, rotavirus, C.difficile, E.coli and others. Evidence suggests that they are an important but neglected contributor to healthcare-associated infection.

Best practice would see pulse oximeter probes being sanitized between every patient via manual cleaning or single-use, disposable probes. Manual cleaning is labour intensive and inconsistent in application. Single-use disposable probes are expensive, environmentally unsound and are still reliant upon staff remembering to replace them.

The solution Pulse oximeter probe cleaning device European patent number: 2595561

The Mantra Medical pulse oximeter probe cleaning device is designed to mount onto the wheeled 'obs trolley' that transports the pulse oximeter monitor (and probe) to the patient's bedside. The device will therefore always be available at the point of need.

The key innovation is that the device will act ostensibly not as a cleaning device at all, but instead simply as a storage device. To the observer, it appears to be somewhere simply to put the probe after use. Cleaning then takes place completely automatically and without any need for further input.

This device offers the first realistic opportunity to ensure that pulse oximeter probes are cleaned before and after every single patient in any clinical environment, with a predictable and reliable cleaning action and at minimal financial and environmental cost.


  • Provide quick cleaning between every patient, even on an 'observation round'
  • Presents a fresh cleaning surface for every patient
  • Won't add to the workload of healthcare staff
  • Doesn't interfere with the basic function of the pulse oximeter probe
  • Cost effective in operation when compared to alternatives
  • Acts as a hygienic storage dock when the probe is not in use

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